See how Liggo
orchestrates your
factory floor.

Sync with ease

You won’t need to rebuild from scratch or refurbish your factory. Liggo connects and integrates your existing systems, breaking down inefficient silos and opening up data flow between machinery and users so your team can work more comfortably and efficiently.

Save as you scale

Imagine having an evolving knowledge bank at your disposal. Liggo is designed to store, structure and standardize your legacy knowledge and processes, so nothing is lost and all remains at your fingertips. And it’s not static: the knowledge bank grows as you do, no matter the scale.

Streamline it all

You won’t just collect and store data. Liggo turns your information into a realtime picture of what’s happening on your factory floor. With the right information to guide you and your team, you can optimize your production and resources, save time, plan future expenses, and ultimately maximize, well, just about anything.

What's in it for you? Everything.

Here’s what manufacturing success looks like.

Start with performance

The math is clear: Liggo can accelerate productivity without making changes to your resources, and that’s from the moment the platform is implemented. When all modules are up and running, you can anticipate productivity gains of up to 25%.*

* based on customer results after full factory implementation

Gains to greater value

Once you’re optimizing the full potential of your productivity, you can more easily attract new clients and talents, build trust with your partners, establish yourself more competitively in your market, and ultimately go from strength to strength.

Empower your people

When you connect your team on the floor with clear, relevant information, they can react and perform on a whole new level. There’s no end to what Liggo helps each individual do. You can’t quantify a stronger sense of ownership, but you can see its impact on your collective success.