The production management platform that
helps your teams and technology work better together.

Liggo gives you the platform you need to orchestrate your factory floor.

Liggo is a shopfloor monitoring and management program. It connects your users, systems and machines, captures all your factory know-how, and helps you optimize production and ramp up performance. And orchestrating your factory floor is just the beginning: with Liggo, you can orchestrate greater success for your company and your team.

Let's talk advantages

Liggo is dedicated to the needs of every manufacturers.

At Liggo, we believe true manufacturing success comes from connecting people and technology, no matter the scale. That’s how and why Liggo came to be: our roots are in manufacturing and our vision is to bring the power of IIoT technology to every size manufacturers. We understand what they face to move forward, so we designed a production management platform that is uniquely dedicated to their needs, reality and ultimate success.

By uniting your manufacturing floor, we are helping you build your success, and the next generation of manufacturers.